Fuckers go this way!

Fuckers go this way!

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Time travel.

Time travel.

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To infinity and back again.

To infinity and back again.

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Bet you’ve never seen skulls glow in the dark rocking a show.

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Moray an unusual Incan archaeological site in Peru

Photos courtesy & taken by McKay Savage:

The gorgeous circular terraced bowl of Moray are thought to be an experimental agricultural nursery for the Incas, with different micro-climates allowing for different varieties of corn to be planted at deeper levels of the circular bowl. Others, both locals and foreign spiritually-minded, feel such a technical explanation fails to match the obvious effort, aesthetics and position the amazing circular site took.

Whether a testing ground or an energetic site or somewhere in the middle, the site has an undeniable beauty, power and mystical feeling, like an agricultural amphitheatre.

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‘Grenade Garden’ by huebucket


Grenade Garden’ by huebucket

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Joe Fig

Inside the painter’s studio

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Smeared Skies by Matt Molloy

Matt busted out into the art scene with his smeared sky photos. Stacking 100 to 200 photos into one, he gave a new way to enjoy the view above us. 

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Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

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The first permanent mountaintop observatory was the Lick Observatory.  Built in 1888 by the Warner and Swasey Co., the telescope still sits in it’s original spot just east of San Jose and is still operating to this day. 

We recently visited the observatory and talked with Steve Vogt, an astronomy professor at UC Santa Cruz, who used to sneak into the observatory as a kid. 

Watch the video 

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In the Artist’s Studio with @Adam5100

There’s attention to detail, there’s obsessive attention to detail, and then there’s Adam Feibelman.

If you’ve never seen Adam’s Instagram feed, @adam5100, you’d probably never be able to tell that his exquisitely detailed paintings were actually produced with stencils. But as Feibelman’s photos make clear, every painting requires numerous stencil layers, each requiring an abundance of patience, precision, and X-Acto knife blades.

Feibelman brings his Instagram followers into his San Francisco, California studio, not only documenting progress made on his larger fine art works, but also sharing photos of his free-form daily warmups.

“Instagram is like the chapter marker of the day. I start in the morning with doing a single free hand papercut to loosen the brain, and when that’s done I post it,” Adam says. “Then it’s on to much harder stuff. If I finish another layer that day, I post it. Instagram is like a little reward for completing a step when it comes to my art.”

Posting photos from his studio helps keep friends and fans up to speed on his work. “Your friends can’t always be with you to share in seeing something crazy or making something fun. Instagram is all about the opportunity to open up a window into your life.”

Follow Adam’s artistic undertakings on Instagram at @adam5100.

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